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Welcome to the Southeast Asian Journal of Science and Technology (SAJST), a beacon of scholarly exploration where innovation meets Science and Technology knowledge within the vibrant context of Southeast Asia. At SAJST, we are committed to fostering a collaborative environment that bridges the gap between varying disciplines, providing our readers with access to groundbreaking research and insights that span across the rich tapestry of academic pursuits. Here, content is more than information—it's a source of inspiration, challenge, and an avenue to widen your perspective.

Explore Regional Excellence and Global Implications

Embark on a journey through a diverse array of articles that cover both the dynamism of science and technology and the depth of the humanities and social sciences, all with a unique Southeast Asian perspective. Each publication is meticulously curated to ensure it offers significant value, innovation, and insight to our interdisciplinary audience. Whether you're an academic, practitioner, or a lifelong learner with a keen interest in Southeast Asia's contribution to global knowledge, SAJST is your gateway to the latest developments and discussions across a multitude of domains.

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Our dedication to advancing Science and Technology research ensures that you are always at the forefront of new and exhilarating discoveries. Keep abreast of the latest trends, theories, and methodologies that emerge from the heart of Southeast Asia and resonate throughout the global academic community. SAJST stands as a critical platform where complex issues are unraveled, analyzed from diverse perspectives, and presented to a curious and knowledgeable audience.

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SAJST is more than a repository of information—it's a vibrant forum for engaging with groundbreaking ideas. Our publications aim to ignite discussions, stimulate critical thinking, and build a community of readers who are deeply invested in navigating and addressing the contemporary challenges facing Southeast Asia and beyond. Our content acts as a springboard for new thoughts, conversations, and innovations.

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In our mission to disseminate knowledge far and wide, SAJST upholds a commitment to accessibility. We champion open access to our research, advocating for free and open scholarly communication as a cornerstone for the international exchange of ideas and knowledge. This ensures that our articles are available to you without any subscription or payment barriers, facilitating a wider spread of information.

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Becoming part of the SAJST family means more than just accessing a rich repository of Science and Technology research. It's an opportunity to connect with a community of individuals who share a passion for exploring the interplay of knowledge across various fields, all through the lens of Southeast Asian innovation and insight. We encourage our readers to dive into our content, disseminate it within their networks, and contribute to the vibrant discussions that our articles inspire.

Whether you seek to uncover answers, pose new questions, or simply quench your intellectual curiosity, SAJST extends a warm welcome. Discover, learn, and be inspired as you navigate through the extensive knowledge and unique insights housed within our pages.